Case: Berghof Membranes

Berghof Membranes is a market leader in external membrane technology. The company has more than 50 years of experience worldwide and is based in multiple locations around the world. From these locations, all customers are served worldwide. In recent years, the company has made a transition in terms of marketing. To reach new potential customers, online marketing is increasingly being used.

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The problem

Privacy and data-driven online marketing do not always go hand in hand. Yet both are very important to Berghof Membranes.

The challenge: Find a way to collect as much data as possible within the limits of the AVG, for the benefit of measurability and online campaigns.

The method

To achieve this, the following solutions have been implemented:

  • Cookiebanner: Cookiebot was chosen as the software. This is configured through GTM, to act based on the consent level.
  • Consent mode: In Google Tag Manager, consent mode is enabled so that the Google tags can collect as much data as possible.
  • Server side tagging: In addition, all tracking is set up server side so that as little data as possible can be blocked.
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Berghof resultaten server side tagging

The result

After configuring the cookie banner, we saw that 78% of visitors accept all cookies. The remaining 22% refuse cookies or some of them. By implementing consent mode, we can still transmit general data for those 22%, which still gives a complete picture.

The implementation of server side tagging provided a 17% increase in measurability. This is reflected in the measurability of the number of page views which is measured client side with the FB pixel and server side with the Conversion API. The difference is the increase in measurability.

What customers say

Will you be our next case?

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