Digital Monks & TAGGRS – A Collaboration Focused on Server Side Tracking


Digital Monks uses TAGGRS Server Side Tracking to provide customers with the best data. This innovative marketing company was one of the pioneers in applying Server Side Tracking. During their research phase into this new way of collecting data, they came across TAGGRS, which led to a great collaboration. We sat down with Digital Monks to share their experiences.

“What was the deciding factor that made you guys get into Server Side Tracking (SST)?”

Digital Monks runs into a problem: we’re just missing important data. This is mainly due to the increasingly strict rules around third-party cookies. Especially with devices running iOS 16.4 and above giving us less information, we feel something must be done. And let’s face it, with Chrome’s plan to start blocking data streams starting in 2024, it’s not getting any easier. So yes, we think this is the perfect time to explore new routes.

We believe Server Side Tracking is a good solution. It is not only a way to address the data shortage, but also to color neatly within the lines of the GDPR. This allows us to Continue collecting data that really matters, without legal headaches.

“On average, how long does it take to have Server side tracking fully operational?”

Right now, how quickly we get things done really depends on how complicated a client’s website is. If you have a Shopify store, we can usually be ready within a day. But if you’re using a more complicated system, such as Magento or Lightspeed, you should note that it may take a bit longer.

“How does Digital Monks measure the effectiveness of Server Side Tracking?”

Especially because of that handy analysis tool found in TAGGRS’ online environment. Really a plus compared to what we see with other providers. This clearly shows us how much more data we are getting in through the Server Side, if you compare that to the old way of Slient Side tracking. What might be a nice extra would be to also be able to see exactly what kind of data we are getting in through the Server Side. Thanks to the current info, we can at least already show our customers well what it will give them. And that, of course, is super important to us as a marketing agency.

“Through the tool found in TAGGRS’ online environment, the effectiveness is nicely visible. This is also a huge plus over some of your competitors.” – Digital Monks

“What common problems or challenges does Digital Monks encounter?”

We don’t usually run into major problems, but there are always small bumps in the road. Thus, we occasionally miss certain data, such as info about purchases or what people put in their shopping cart. Fortunately, we can usually fix this quickly. This is mainly because of the good documentation and demo environments you have available. Plus, it is super convenient that we can easily reach TAGGRS’ support line and that too in Dutch. This way we avoid hassles with language and find a solution faster.

“How do you convince customers to start Server Side tracking?”

Right now, Server Side Tagging is not yet something that sells itself, but we are getting close. When customers hear that they can get more and better data, and that data scarcity will only become a bigger problem in the future, they are usually quickly convinced. No one wants to be left behind, so rather take the plunge now than regret missing the boat later.

As a Marketing agency, I think it is very important that we can show the client what the result is. You made that insightful nicely”. – Digital Monks

“What are the future plans with Server Side Tracking?”

We currently have a plan to really start using Server Side Tracking with as many customers as possible. Everyone who becomes a customer now is offered it right away. And our current customers? We will gradually transfer those to Server Side as well. We think that around the summer of 2024, the big differences will become really clear. Some companies will be all over this new way of collecting data by then, while others are still at the starting line. We, of course, want to be in that first group. In fact, we are convinced that Server Side Tracking is the future, and we don’t want to be left behind as a marketing agency.

“Providing and implementing has become standard procedure with us” – Digital Monks


Cooperation with TAGGRS really runs smoothly, and they feel the same way. Thanks to TAGGRS, we can offer our customers Server Side Tracking, which gives us an edge over the competition. It’s a win-win for both parties. Curious about more interviews with marketing agencies? Then check out this page.

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