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Dunion Online Marketing is a Full Service marketing agency where you can go for all your online marketing issues. Whether it is about positioning your brand or company or aspects related to website and shop creation, graphic design, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing or selling through Marketplace(s).

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TAGGRS dashboard container view

The assignment

Help set up a management portal in TAGGRS and set up Server Side Tracking for the following domains.

  • BandagenSpezialist.de
  • goalkeepergloves.com
  • podobrace.co.uk
  • podobrace.co.uk
In addition, the Social platforms and Google Ads Server Side need to be set up.
TAGGRS dashboard container view

The method

To achieve this, the following solutions have been implemented:

Management portal: The management portal within TAGGRS has been set up.
Social platforms Server Side set: The platforms Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok Server Side are set.
TAGGRS Tracking Tags: To measure the difference between web and server containers, we set up the TAGGRS Tracking Tags.

Dunion TAGGRS dashboard
resultaat 1 Dunion case
Resultaat 2 Dunion case

The result

Management Portal: The management portal is set up and the different containers for the domains that have been set up can be seen.
Server Side setting up domains: After Server Side setting up the domains, the TAGGRS dashboard shows that between 10% and 30% additional data is collected.
Social Platforms: The Meta Ads – CAPI shows that Server Side data is coming in.

You can see on the right 2 events that are measured through the Meta Ads pixel in the graphs you can clearly see the difference between the measurements through the browser and the measurements through the Server. The green line are the server events and the blue line are the browser events. In this example, this leads to 22% additional data.

resultaat 1 Dunion case
Resultaat 2 Dunion case

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