Case Study: Flowhub additional data through Server Side tracking in combination with Server Side CDN


Flowhub faced the challenge of optimizing their data collection. The task was clear: implement Server Side tracking and add a CDN to maximize data collection.

Implementation of Server side tracking.

First of all, we set up Server side tracking. Platforms set up for Server side tracking:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook

Furthermore, TAGGRS Tracking Tags have been added, allowing us to see in the dashboard how much additional data Server Side Tracking has brought to Flowhub. This approach resulted in a 7.27% improvement in the amount of data measured.


Addition of a CDN

Analysis of the TAGGRS dashboard showed that many visitors were using Safari. To get around Safari’s browser limitations, we implemented a CDN. This equalizes IP addresses, which reduces Safari’s restriction on cookies.


Integration of CDN with Server side tracking

Integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Server side tracking offers several benefits. By using CDN functionality, we can rotate the Server Side Google Tag Manager (sGTM) custom domain. This directs sGTM traffic through the website’s DNS provider.


  • IP addresses of the website and the sGTM domain match.
  • Cookies set by Server Side are treated as first-party cookies.

Advanced adblockers often block third-party cookies, but by integrating CDN with Server Side Tracking, cookies are considered first-party cookies and thus not blocked by adblockers.

The result? After the implementation of the Server Side CDN, additional measured data of +11.29% can be seen within the dashboard. This is an increase of +4.02% from before the CDN implementation



Implementing Server Side tracking and integrating a CDN helped Flowhub optimize their data collection. This approach resulted in an 11.29% improvement in measured data. By combining these technologies, Flowhub was able to bypass browser restrictions like Safari’s and achieve a reliable data stream, essential for their marketing campaigns.

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