Case: LelyCyle

LelyCycle specializes in the collection of green, wood, construction and demolition waste. The company operates in the region of Lelystad. As part of the business operations, through the webshop sand sold for individuals and businesses. Various Google Ads campaigns are used to bring the webshop to the attention of potential customers.

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The problem

Google Analytics records 53% fewer orders than is actually the case. In addition, few conversions are recorded by the Google ads tag.While in reality this should be higher.

Challenge: How can accuracy go up
be brought in so that results can be better measured?

The method

To achieve this, the following solutions have been implemented:

  • GA4 datalayer: First, the existing Universal Analytics was replaced for a GA4 datalayer with enhanced conversions data.
  • GA4 (Enhanced Ecommerce): Next, GA4 was implemented.
  • Server side tagging: The entire setup is set up with server side tagging.
  • Google Ads Enhanced Conversions: Enhanced conversion data from the new datalayer is sent server side to Google Ads.
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measure transactions

The result

The measurability of the number of transactions has increased considerably. Currently
92% of total transactions recorded in GA4.

Measurability of conversions has also increased significantly in Google Ads. This has given the campaign considerable momentum. The use of enhanced conversions and the increase in measurability has given Google Ads more insights. These have made the Performance Max campaign structurally generate more conversions.

What customers say

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