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How to setup Server Side Tracking fast and accurate

At TAGGRS, we understand the growing need for accurate and privacy-friendly data collection within online marketing. Therefore, we focus on Server Side Tracking, a first-party method for collecting user data without relying on third-party cookies. In this blog, we’ll show you how to set up Server Side Tracking quickly and accurately using our Template Gallery and blogs.

What is Server side tracking?

Server Side Tracking is a technique where tracking data is no longer collected in the user’s browser, but on a server that acts as an intermediary between the website and analytics/advertising platforms. This server then transmits the data as first-party data, giving you more accurate insights and better compliance with privacy regulations. Furthermore, Server Side Tracking provides:

  • More accurate data using first-party cookies
  • Better privacy and regulatory compliance such as GDPR
  • Independent of browser restrictions and AdBlockers
  • Future-proofing in a cookieless landscape

These are sample results from our TAGGRS Server Side Dashboard:


Automating Server Side Tracking?

The first question that comes to many people’s minds is, “Can you automate Server Side tracking?” This is tricky because every business has different needs. While full automation of Server Side Tracking remains a challenge, we at TAGGRS have taken steps to make this process as accessible as possible with individual customization for each customer.

TAGGRS – Our goal is to make the best tracking accessible to every company

Our Approach

At TAGGRS, we offer an extensive Template Gallery of pre-configured Server Side Tracking templates for popular content management systems such as Magento, Shopify and more. These Templates speed up implementation and are fully customizable to your company’s specific needs.


Curious about how you can use these Templates for your own configuration? Then check out our blog about the TAGGRS Template Gallery . .

Server Side Tracking Manually Set Up

For organizations that want complete control over their tracking setup, we offer comprehensive manuals and videos that explain step-by-step how to build Server Side Tracking from the ground up. This approach is ideal for companies looking to migrate or refine their existing tracking infrastructures without relying on pre-designed Templates. These manuals can be found within your TAGGRS dashboard.


Setup Testing and Debugging

It is important to properly test each Server Side tracking setup to ensure that all data is collected and processed correctly. TAGGRS provides a testing guide that walks you through the testing process. These steps will help you make sure your tracking is working properly before it goes live.

Customized Approach

Are you looking for a customized package that fits your specific needs perfectly? Our team can work with you to develop a plan that fits your unique goals and budget. Schedule a demo or contact us to discuss options and find a solution that fits your organization.

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Ate Keurentjes

Ate Keurentjes

Server Side Tracking Specialist at TAGGRS

Ate Keurentjes is a Server Side Tracking specialist at TAGGRS. He has experience with various Google Tag Manager concepts. Keurentjes has been editing and writing about the latest developments and trends in data collection / Server side tracking since 2023.

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