Switching from Hosting to TAGGRS


If you’re considering switching from hosting to TAGGRS, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you transition without complications.

Switching SST Hosting to TAGGRS

Switching to TAGGRS may seem difficult at first, but it is actually quite simple. The next steps will explain how to set up a new TAGGRS account, migrate your data and adjust GTM settings if necessary. Let’s get started!

Want to switch from Google Cloud to TAGGRS? Then check out this page.

1. Create TAGGRS account.

First, create an account on TAGGRS. You can choose to keep your created subdomain or add a new one.

Note! You need to reconfigure your subdomain (just as you did with your previous hosting).

  • Keep your own subdomain: Change DNS records (Note, AAA become A records).
  • New subdomain created: Add DNS records.

By changing your DNS records, you make sure the data runs through TAGGRS instead of Google Cloud. These DNS records can be found in your dashboard.


When your own subdomain is retained, the switch is complete. You can now take advantage of the Server Side tracking capabilities offered by TAGGRS!

2. Subdomain Change in Google Tag Manager.

New subdomain created? When you have created a new subdomain, you need to change settings within Google Tag Manager. In fact, you need to change your old subdomain to your new subdomain in the places where you added it.

  • Client Side: GA4 Configuration Tag
  • Server Side: Container Settings

Watch the video below for more explanation for changing your subdomain in Google Tag Manager.

Any luck? Then the transition is complete. You can now take advantage of the Server Side tracking capabilities offered by TAGGRS. Don’t forget to put your container live!

No tags and triggers setup yet? We have written blogs for the tags most companies use, explaining step by step how to set them up both Client-side and Server Side. You can find these within your dashboard under Implement:


Bonus: Optimize your Tracking with TAGGRS

Outside of GTM Server Side Tracking hosting, TAGGRS has tools you can use to further optimize your tracking:


Don’t forget to unsubscribe from your old hosting to avoid still paying for it.

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