How do you install the LinkedIn Insights Tag through Google Tag Manager?


The LinkedIn Insights Tag is important for measuring the effectiveness of LinkedIn ad campaigns. This tag allows you to track user interactions on your website, from page visits to specific actions taken. By installing this tag, you can collect valuable data on how visitors integrate with your content after clicking on LinkedIn ads.

With this information, you can refine your ad strategies, better target ads, and accurately track conversions resulting from LinkedIn campaigns.

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Follow these steps to install the LinkedIn Insights Tag via Google Tag Manager. Good luck!

Why should you install the LinkedIn Insights Tag?

  • Refined Segmentation: Allows you to better understand and segment your target audience.
  • Conversion Tracking: Allows you to measure the impact of your LinkedIn campaigns by tracking conversions.
  • Retargeting: Retarget visitors who left your site without converting.
  • Optimization: Provides insight into which parts of your website need attention for improvement.

Events You Can Track with LinkedIn Insights Tag

Here are some of the key events you can track with the LinkedIn Insights Tag:

  1. Page Views: Measures when a user visits a specific page on your website.
  2. Conversions: captures when a user completes a specific action that you have defined as a conversion, such as filling out a contact form or completing a purchase.
  3. Leads Generation: Records when a user signs up for a newsletter, downloads an eBook, or otherwise identifies themselves as a potential lead.
  4. Job Applications: Tracks when a user applies for a job through your website.
  5. Company Follow: Capture when a user decides to follow your company on LinkedIn through your website.
  6. Content Engagement: Tracks interactions with content elements on your site, such as watching videos or using interactive tools.
  7. Event Registration: Records when a user registers for an event or webinar promoted through your site.

You can further specify these events by adding parameters that provide more context, such as:

  • Value of a conversion
  • Industry or sector
  • Job title of the visitor
  • Interaction Type

LinkedIn Insights Tag setup in Google Tag Manager

In the video below, we take you through how to set up the LinkedIn Insights Tag Base code through Google Tag Manager. Later in this blog, we’ll show you how to create events to this.

Testing the LinkedIn Insights Tag Base Code

After you set up the LinkedIn Insights Tag, it is important to test whether the tag is working correctly. To do this, open the preview mode in Google Tag Manager, enter the name of your website and check that the LinkedIn Insights Tag is fired. For a step-by-step demonstration, check out the video below:

Configuring LinkedIn Events

Now that the basic tag is implemented for all pages, it’s time to configure specific events. We do this by using the triggers set for the Google Analytics: GA4 (GA4) e-commerce events.

For example, the GA4 purchase event looks like this based on a GA4 Data Layer:

GA4 - Events - purchase - triggers.

If you want to create an event, for example to track purchases, create a new tag and again choose the LinkedIn Insights Tag as the configuration. Enter your Partner ID and Conversion IDs and choose as the trigger your desired trigger, in this case purchase.

LinkedIn Insights Tag purchase

Then do this for all the events you want to measure. Then test again in debug mode whether the events are fired correctly.

Next Step: LinkedIn Conversion API

Now that you’ve implemented the LinkedIn Insights Tag through Google Tag Manager, the next step is to set up LinkedIn Conversion API. This feature allows you to measure server-side tracking events within LinkedIn Campaign Tracking. LinkedIn Conversion API offers increased reliability and is especially valuable in situations where you face restrictions around cookies or other forms of client-side tracking.

Frequently asked questions about the LinkedIn Insights Tag

Can I run the LinkedIn Insights Tag alongside the LinkedIn Conversion API?

Yes you can, this does require deduplication. This ensures that events measured both client-side and server-side are not double-counted by LinkedIn. LinkedIn uses a “Unique Event ID” for this purpose to distinguish between events, giving you more accurate data and allowing you to Administer your ads more effectively.

Do you also have preset templates?

Yes, TAGGRS provides preset templates to the Template Gallery. These templates simplify setting up Server Side Tracking for LinkedIn and other platforms. By creating a free TAGGRS account, you get instant access to these Templates, allowing you to implement advanced tracking configurations quickly and efficiently.

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