How can I maximize my tracking and conversions?

How to maximize tracking & conversions?

Many tracking blocks make measuring user interactions more difficult and conversions less well measured. How do you make sure you can continue to measure these conversions properly though? This can be done by using Server Side tracking in combination with other first-party solutions. We’ll take you through what these tracking blockages are and how you can make sure you can bypass them, allowing you to take advantage of maximum tracking and conversions in this blog.

Three Key Tracking Blocks

There are currently three major tracking blocks that prevent events from being properly measured.

1. Effect of AdBlockers on Conversions.

  • AdBlockers are used by 2 to 10% of visitors, depending on the country and website. This limits the amount of data that can be tracked.

2. Browser Blocks and Their Impact.

3. Effect of Consent Mode on Data Collection.

  • Consent Mode requires high thresholds for data modeling, which is difficult for smaller companies to achieve.
  • Many visitors do not accept cookies, which significantly affects measurability. This could result in as much as 60% less data.
Three major tracking blockers

Consent Mode is a great tracking blocker. Consent Mode models data to provide better measurements than without Consent Mode. However, there are drawbacks such as the high threshold of 700 ad clicks per day to activate conversion modeling, which is difficult for many organizations to achieve.

Consent Mode Modeling.

Limitations and Advantages

This only applies to Google; companies that advertise on platforms such as Pinterest or Facebook do not benefit because the modeling does not take place. One example is a customer where we analyzed the data differences between Client Side and Server Side tracking. For Consent Mode, the difference was about 11% due to ad and browser blocking. After Consent Mode was introduced, this difference increased to 60%, with Consent Mode responsible for about 50% of data loss.

Effect of Consent Mode taggrs server side tracking

Impact on Small Businesses

For large companies, Consent Mode can help recover some of this data, but for smaller companies it means a big loss of data.

The future is Server side tracking

Benefits of Server Side Tracking

  • Server Side Tracking can measure more data, even with adblockers and browser blockers.
  • It increases the number of measured conversions, especially in social channels and Google Ads.
  • It ensures GDPR compliance by collecting data in your own country, important in countries with strict privacy laws.

Control and Quality

  • Increases the speed of your website.
  • Gives you more control over what data is sent, such as IP addresses.
  • Provides the freedom to send additional data to server container for better measurements and conversions.

Privacy and Admin.

  • Ability to exclude certain data, useful for privacy-oriented companies.
  • Allows you to control what data is sent.
  • Essential for a good online marketing strategy without violating users’ privacy.

How To Maximize Tracking and Conversions

Strategies by Block Type

For adblockers, switching to Server Side Tracking and using an Enhanced Tracking Script is the best and easiest solution. This script ensures that adblockers do not recognize the code and thus do not block It is also possible to use webhooks to send data directly to server container, bypassing ad and browser blockers.

Cookie recovery is another important strategy; it replaces lost cookies automatically and is handled by our tracking script. In addition, setting improved conversions through Google is a good step, as this is a major focus point of Google to measure as many conversions as possible despite the disappearance of third-party cookies.

Do you have a lot of Safari users? Then adding a Server Side CDN can be a good solution. This ensures that you can bypass Safari’s tracking prevention mechanism.

To get the most out of Consent Mode, optimizing your cookie banner is essential. A properly set banner has the greatest impact on the number of cookies accepted. In addition, it is important to properly configure settings and use enhanced conversions for better measurability.

How to maximize tracking & conversions?

Ready to maximize your tracking and conversions?

With these insights and strategies, you can reduce the impact of AdBlockers, browser blockers and Consent Mode, maximizing your tracking and conversions. By switching to Server Side Tracking and using advanced techniques, you will maintain control of your data and improve the performance of your online marketing campaigns. TAGGRS continuously develops new technologies to make tracking more effective and minimize the risk of blockages.

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Ate Keurentjes

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