The 3 Main SEO Benefits of Server Side Tracking

The 3 Most Important SEO Benefits of Server Side Tracking

In this article, you’ll discover how Server Side Tracking not only increases the quality of your ad campaigns, but also takes your SEO to the next level.

Speed Up Your Website and Improve Your SEO

A fast website is important for SEO and user experience. Server Side Tracking can help you with this. Unlike client-side tracking, this approach reduces the amount of code needed on the user-side. This results in faster load times, which search engines appreciate and can positively affect your rankings.

Example: With Server Side Tracking, you reduce the amount of code on the client side, which can reduce the loading time of a product page from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds. Faster load times can lead to increased time on site and a lower bounce rate, which is positive for your SEO.

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Bypass Ad Blockers and Preserve Your Data Quality

Ad blockers are a thorn in the side of data analysts. Fortunately, Server Side Tracking offers a solution. Because the data is collected directly from the server, ad-blockers cannot interfere with it. This is how you maintain the integrity of your data, which is essential for effective SEO strategies.

“In the last quarter of 2019, there were 763.5 million adblocker users worldwide.”

Number of adblock users worldwide from 2013 to 2019 (in millions)
Year Number of Users (in millions)
Q4 2013 212.99
Q4 2014 346.5
Q4 2015 561.64
Q4 2016 633.82
Q4 2017 729.07
Q4 2018 732.32
Q4 2019 763.51

Example: You see in your analytics that certain keywords, which you expected to perform well, are not producing the expected results. One wonders if the data might be skewed by the use of ad blockers, which can interfere with tracking. Server Side Tracking gives you access to more accurate data, unhindered by ad-blockers. With this accurate information, you can adjust your SEO strategy, ultimately improving your ranking for the keywords that really matter.

Increase the Accuracy of Your Data

Reliable data is a requirement for effective SEO. Server Side Tracking collects data directly from the server, providing higher accuracy compared to client-side tracking. With more accurate data, you can fine-tune your SEO strategy and what leads to better results.

Example: You notice that the conversion rates for a particular landing page are lower than expected. By switching to Server Side Tracking, you discover that the data you previously collected was not completely accurate. Actual conversion rates are higher, so you decide to allocate more budget/time to promoting this page. Thanks to more accurate data, you can now make smarter SEO decisions.

Data stream Server side tracking – it cannot be blocked.


Server Side Tracking offers numerous benefits. It can take your SEO strategy to the next level. Whether it’s speeding up your website, bypassing ad-blockers or getting more accurate data, Server Side Tracking allows you to make more informed decisions. By implementing this approach, you can not only optimize your website performance, but also maximize the efficiency of your SEO efforts.

Ready for the next level?

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