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TAGGRS helps companies achieve more conversions. Through Server Side Tracking we ensure optimal data tracking, resulting in better performing online campaigns.


Get access to all website data

Ad blockers and browser tracking preventie affect an average of 38% of your online data. 10-20% is not even measured at all. With our software, you get access to all the data. That way you know exactly how many orders were placed and from which campaigns and channels they came.

Consequence → More control over your data

Generate more leads and conversions

Online campaigns are increasingly algorithm-driven. The Performance Max campaign in Google is a good example of this. A better input of data is a better output. With Server Side Tracking you optimize the data input significantly.

Consequence → Moresales from your campaigns.


Speed it up

Client side tagging loads all scripts into the user’s browser. The more scripts, the longer the load time.

With Server Side Tracking this process takes place in the server, therefore it does not affect the loading time of your website.

Consequence Faster website

All benefits

Learn the 7 key benefits of Server Side Tracking For businesses and web shops.


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Generate more leads and conversions with Server Side Tracking