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100% secure and GDPR friendly data tracking

TAGGRS provides secure and verifiable online data tracking. Take control yourself
and set up your tracking 100% GDPR proof.


More control over data tracking

With client-side tracking, third-party software, places scripts on your website. These collect data about the website user. With this method, you have virtually no control over what data is collected. With Server Side Tracking you determine exactly what data may or may not be collected by these parties.

Consequence → Greater control over data tracking

Collect data domestically

TAGGRS allows you to choose in which country the data is collected, therefore any personal data does not leave the EU. With client side tagging, you have virtually no control over this.

Consequence → Morecontrol over collected data


Limit data flow

The GDPR and online marketing do not always go hand in hand. Google Analytics collects IP addresses, location data and client Ids. TAGGRS allows you to exclude the possibility of collecting this data.

Consequence → In line with GDPR legislation

All benefits

Learn the 7 key benefits of Server Side Tracking for businesses.


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100% secure and GDPR friendly tracking

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