TAGGRS Debug Series

Welcome to the TAGGRS Debug Series. Here you will find solutions and insights for the most common situations when using our software. Our goal is to get you up and running quickly and optimize your data collection.

What situation are you in?

1.Data graph (TAGGRS Tracking Tags).


1.2 No incoming requests.

Have you installed the tracking tags, but no requests are coming in? This can have several causes.

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1.2 No graph

If no graph is visible in your TAGGRS dashboard, it is possible that the TAGGRS Tracking Tags have not yet been installed. These tags are essential for collecting and visualizing your data.

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1.3 Data is being collected

You may find that the message data is being collected stays for longer than a few minutes. This can have several causes.

For possible reasons for this situation check out the related article.

1.4 Negative difference

Do you notice a negative difference in your data after implementing TAGGRS Tracking Tags? This may indicate certain inconsistencies or anomalies in the data collection.

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1.5 No client or server line

After installing TAGGRS Tracking Tags, you notice that no client or server line is visible. This can have several causes.

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1.6 Positive difference

You have noticed an upward trend in your data with a positive data difference. Want to further optimize this difference and get even better results?

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1.7 Too big a difference (>60%)

After installing the tracking tags in your TAGGRS account, you notice an unrealistically high data difference of more than 60%.

The accompanying article discusses the main causes. Click the button below for more information.

1.8 No events under 'Additional data per event'.

Have you set up the Tracking Tags correctly but still don’t see any events appearing under the ‘Additional data per event’ graph (or just Page_View)?

Discover the possible causes and how to address them in the accompanying article. Click the button below for a more detailed explanation.


2. Google Analytics

2.1 Lots of 'Unassigned' (not set) Data in GA4

Do you have an increase in Unassigned (not set) traffic in Google Analytics after implementing Server Side Tracking? No worries, we have the solution for you.

Discover the possible causes and how to address them in the accompanying article.

decrease in conversions after implementation of consent mode

2.2 Decline in Conversions after Implementing Consent Mode (V2)

Failure to set up Consent Mode (V2) properly can result in the loss of a lot of valuable data. This is often because when a visitor does not agree to certain cookies, the related tags are not activated.

If you set Consent Mode (V2) correctly, you can still access valuable data even without full consent for the cookies.

3. Google Tag Manager.

3.1 Error message debug mode in the server container

Here are the solutions to all the error messages you get when you want to debug in the server container after all the server-side tags and triggers are configured.

The accompanying article lists the possible causes and how to address them.


4. Magento 2


4.1 No request in my server on Magento 2 website

Not getting a request in the Server and have a Magento website? This is often due to Magento’s CORS rules, which are designed to block outbound requests as a security measure.

The accompanying article lists the possible causes and how to address them.

5. Google Ads.

5.1 Decline in Google Ads remarketing audience

Did the number of Google Ads remarketing audits decrease after implementing SST or Consent Mode V2?

The accompanying article lists the possible causes and how to address them.


6. Console Errors

6.1 All console errors and solutions

After implementing Server Side Tracking via TAGGRS, error messages may occur when opening the console in the browser. Don’t panic, often these errors are harmless or easily fixed.

The accompanying article lists possible error messages and how to address them.

Console errors -TAGGRS

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