Server Side Tracking Costs, what are you paying for?


In this blog, we’ll dive into the specific costs associated with SST and how TAGGRS calculates them efficiently, so you can choose a package that fits your website’s needs perfectly.

What is Server Side Tracking?

Just a quick note: what is Server Side Tracking again? Server Side Tracking is an alternative to traditional client side tagging. With client side tagging, pixels and cookies are placed directly in the user’s browser, meaning that the user data collected is sent from the browser to various services such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. This method has the disadvantage of being susceptible to blocking, such as by adblockers.

Server Side Tracking provides a solution for this. Instead of directly in the user’s browser, tracking scripts are loaded from your own domain, and the data is sent to your own server first. This creates an intermediate layer where you have control over what data is forwarded to which software.

The main benefits of SST are:

  • More data at your disposal (up to 30%)
  • GDPR proof
  • Faster website
  • More control over your data
  • More flexibility

Check out our blog post with all the benefits of Server Side Tracking.

What does the cost consist of?

The cost for Server Side Tracking are mainly linked to the server that acts as a conduit for the data flow towards the relevant platforms. This requires hosting server space. TAGGRS puts together packages based on the volume of requests to provide a customized solution.

Furthermore, we offer other tools to provide you with better and more complete tracking.


How does TAGGRS calculate the number of requests

At TAGGRS, the calculation of the Server Side Tracking cost is based on the number of requests (requests) made. This number is a direct result of interactions on your website, including pageviews, and the use of data clients within Google Tag Manager (gtm.js, analytics.js, gtag.js etc.). To estimate the expected Server Side Tracking costs, you can assume the number of visitors to your website per month multiplied by ten. This gives an approximation of the number of requests per month.


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Why can you be cheaper than Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud is a "one size fits all" solution. You can do much more with it than just Server Side Tracking. But you pay for that, too. Our server structure(Infrastructure) is specifically set up for Server Side Tracking. By making optimal use of server space, we can Server Side Tracking offer at a fair and accessible price. Our servers are located all over the world, giving you fast and reliable service that complies with local privacy laws.

TAGGRS has different pricing plans, allowing you to scale with the growth of your website.


In this article, we have the ins and outs of Server Side Tracking costs explored. Whether you're taking your first steps or taking your existing website to the next level, our packages grow with your ambitions.

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Ate Keurentjes

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Ate Keurentjes is a Server Side Tracking specialist at TAGGRS. He has experience with various Google Tag Manager concepts. Keurentjes has been editing and writing about the latest developments and trends in data collection / Server side tracking since 2023.

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