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Generate up to 30% more conversions and revenue with Server side Tracking

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Why companies are moving to Server Side Tracking

Maintain your edge in a world without third party cookies

Third-party cookies are a superpower for marketers, but a nightmare for Internet users' privacy. More and more browsers, software and smartphones are blocking third party cookies. By 2024, all major parties will block these types of cookies. Server Side Tracking is the solution to keep your tracking 100% accurate.

Generate up to 30% more conversions and sales

Blocking third party cookies already reduces data by 10-30%. Platforms like Facebook and Google are algorithm-driven. The more marketing data you send to these platforms, the more results you can get.

Better aligned with the GDPR

With Server Side Tracking, you maintain complete control over what data is shared with what software. In addition, TAGGRS allows you to filter out specific personal data from tracking. TAGGRS has servers around the world, allowing data to be saved within EU borders, which is in compliance with GDPR rules.

Up to 5x cheaper than the alternative: Google Cloud

The most widely used solution for Server Side Tracking is Google Cloud, combined with Google tag manager. Google Cloud hosting packages start from €120 per month. This makes it inaccessible to many businesses. With us, you start for free and pay a fair rate for the size of the website and data stream.

Working with TAGGRS

TAGGRS is the one stop shop for Server Side Tracking

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Working with TAGGRS

TAGGRS is the one stop shop for Server Side Tracking

Make sure your data is stored domestically

TAGGRS has servers all over the world. This ensures prompt and reliable service in compliance with local privacy laws. Your data is securely stored and processed within your home country, while benefiting from optimal performance and low latency.

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Why Tracking professionals from 50+ countries choose us

Ready for the next level?

Start Server Side Tracking and generate more sales and conversions in a world without third-party cookies.

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TAGGRS offers reliable GTM Server Side Tracking and implementation. Start with Server Side Tracking and generate up to 30% more sales and conversions.

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