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The heroes of the background

TAGGRS was developed for and by marketers. Our goal is to make the best tracking accessible to every business. Tracking can make or break your marketing campaigns, but good tracking is becoming increasingly complex. Changing legislation and new privacy requirements are making getting good data increasingly difficult.

With TAGGRS, we put you back in control. With Server Side Tracking, you are in control of your data and have 100% visibility and accuracy. Use the data for analysis or to measure conversions. You decide.

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Our Vision

“Our goal is to make the best tracking accessible to every company.”

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The new marketing generation

A new phase is coming for marketers. The playing field is maturing. And with it, more complex. Tracking is becoming one of the key challenges for successful campaigns. Our goal is to provide marketers and developers with tools for optimal tracking.

This starts with Server Side Tracking, but will continue to expand as the online marketing landscape evolves. For us, one thing is paramount: Our solutions should help companies get the most out of tracking.

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