SST Use Cases For Webshops Government Agencies

In today’s digital age, efficient and accurate data collection is critical to the success of any business. Server Side Tracking plays a key role in this. On this page you will find a collection of case studies from different sectors.



TAGGRS helps web shops achieve more sales. Through Server Side Tracking we ensure optimal data tracking, leading to better-performing online campaigns.


Boost your clients’ online performance! TAGGRS helps agencies create more results and better measurability for its clients. With our Server Side Tracking software you can get up to 30% more results for clients.


Healthcare and public sector

100% secure and GDPR friendly data tracking. TAGGRS provides secure and verifiable online data tracking. Take control and set up your tracking 100% GDPR proof. Our approach ensures security and compliance in sectors where trust is essential.

Advertising companies

Generate up to 30% more leads and conversions. TAGGRS helps companies achieve more conversions. Through Server Side Tracking we ensure optimal data tracking, resulting in better-performing online campaigns.


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