The world of tracking never stands still. So neither do we. Read about all the features, Tools and Settings that are on the roadmap to develop and that we have already developed.

TAGGRS March Product Update.

Consent Mode Blocker: A new feature designed to help you understand sudden drops in conversions after you implement Server Side Tracking and Consent Mode V2. It allows temporary disabling of Consent Mode in the server container to diagnose whether the decline is due to errors in the server-side setup or implementation of Consent Mode V2. Remember, it is for testing purposes only.

Template Gallery 1.2: The B2B template has been added to the template gallery. This template facilitates the tracking of important B2B events on popular platforms. The TAGGRS B2B template is available for free to all users.

Lighspeed Data Layer app: We have developed a Lightspeed Data Layer app to improve the data collection of Lightspeed E Series websites. This New app provides comprehensive tracking of popular products, purchases and more. The Lightspeed data layer app is now Available in the Lightspeed Appstore.

TAGGRS February Product Update

Template Gallery: The TAGGRS Template Gallery is now live. This gallery provides a collection of Server Side Tracking templates to make setting up SST more efficient. These Templates are easily accessible and can be downloaded directly from your Dashboard.

Live tracking sessions: TAGGRS has completed its first live Tracking session. In this session presented by Lowie Verschelden, Google Analytics 4 Server Side Tracking was set up.

For those who missed it, the recording is available on our YouTube channel. More Live Tracking sessions will be held in the near future. Dates and times will be announced later.

TAGGRS January Product Update

Improvements in TAGGRS Tracking Tags: TAGGRS has updated its charts for Tracking Tags to provide users with deeper insights into their data. This update enables data filtering over different time periods, allowing users to better understand the added value of Server Side Tracking. With the phasing out of third-party cookies, it becomes increasingly important to be able to track their impact on data measurability and quality.

New Support Platform: TAGGRS introduces a revamped support platform to make Server Side Tracking and TAGGRS more accessible to all users. This platform is designed to be user-friendly, including a debug series that helps identify specific problems. Once the problem is identified, the platform offers a support article that provides immediate solutions. Users can also now create a support ticket directly from the Dashboard or join a live chat for further questions.

TAGGRS December Product Update

CDN Integration: TAGGRS is now CDN-compatible, improving global content delivery and performance. This integration synchronizes a website’s IP with its custom domain (subdomain), allowing Server Side cookies to be recognized as first-party, ensuring privacy compliance.

Consent Mode V2: It’s a hotly debated topic. Consent Mode respects user privacy by customizing website tags based on cookie consent. V2 offers new permission states ad_personalization and ad_user_data for more precise control. Implement Consent Mode V2 along with Server Side Tracking for accurate tracking of conversions.

TAGGRS November Product Update

TAGGRS November Product Update

Profit Tracking: We have integrated the Google Service Account into TAGGRS, offering the powerful Profit Tracking. This feature goes beyond traditional ROAS by focusing on net profit rather than just gross sales, which improves your ad spending strategy.

TAGGRS GA4 Data Layer Plugin:
Having trouble setting up the GA4 data layer for your WooCommerce webshop? Our new TAGGRS Data Layer Plugin makes it easy! This easy-to-use tool allows you to track which products are getting the most attention, your purchases and much more!

Reseller Dashboard Update:
We have updated our dashboard for our resellers. It is now live with a better design. Enjoy an easier process for Administering your earnings and disbursing your balance.

Software features

AI datalayer tool: This tool makes generating a datalayer a piece of cake. To be used for all ecommerce events and custom events.

Bot filter: With this filter, we ensure that bot traffic is filtered out of the tracking immediately, so you have 100% clean data.


Google Tag Manager

TAGGRS Data client: Following on from our tracking tags, we are also developing a data client so that we have more options for sending and receiving data.

TAGGRS transport tag: In addition, we develop a transport, which allows data from the client to the server container can be sent.


  • User management
  • Automatic notifications
  • Litespeed Plugin
  • Magento Plugin
  • Shopify Plugin