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Converseon is your partner in online lead generation. Our team creates the bridge between online marketing and sales by generating a consistent stream of customers for our clients. From online leads to business.


Digital Performers

Performance-oriented, innovative and a strong team spirit are part and parcel of Online ID. Want to achieve top performance with Google Ads campaigns, take businesses to the next level with SEO, or bang on marketplaces? Then look no further.For example, we are among the top 3% of online marketing agencies in the Netherlands.


Brutael Marketing

You don't come across them often - they gather at BRUTAEL. These are the Brutaelen, our specialists who don't mince their words and tell it like it is. We believe this is the best way to help you move forward in online marketing. No dusty language, but clear explanations of how we can help you get the best results.


Why choose TAGGRS

Easy to implement

With TAGGRS, Server Side Tracking is an easy job. You first set up your server through their clear interface. Then go to Google Tag Manager to take care of your tags. Your data remains secure, sent directly to your own server. And if you need help, the TAGGRS team is here for you. In short, TAGGRS makes Server Side Tracking accessible and secure.

Put an end to your data difference

TAGGRS helps you resolve data discrepancies between Google Analytics, Facebook and other third parties. By Server Side Tracking with TAGGRS, data is sent to your own server first, ensuring consistent data collection across all platforms. This results in more accurate analysis and fewer inconsistencies in reports, allowing you to make more effective marketing decisions.

Premium Support

TAGGRS offers premium support for resellers. This consists of getting your own phone line and priority support. This ensures that you and all your clients are always up and running with the best tracking capabilities.

Partner levels


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For partners who want to get the most out of their tracking:


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Server Side Certified - Badge

The Server Side Certified badge from Taggrs is an accreditation you can display as an agency on your website. It shows that you are top-notch in server-side tagging with Google Tag Manager. It helps you stand out in the competitive digital marketing world. So do you have this badge? Put it on your site and exude professionalism and expertise!

TAGGRS Partner Program FAQ.

To become a partner, please email [email protected]. We will then guide you further in the process.

You can start from 0 customers as a reseller. However, you only receive a kickback fee from 3 referred clients.

No, there is no minimum for payouts. You have the freedom to retrieve your earned balance at any time.

Inviting a client automatically links them to your reseller account. Should you have additional accounts that should fall under the same umbrella, you can send us a message about it via the chat function.

You can submit a payout request at any time by uploading an invoice with the required information. Within 14 days of the application, the amount will be transferred to your account.

You can find your clients in the Reseller Dashboard after you apply to become a reseller.

You will receive a lifetime kickback of 20% on every paying customer. With more than 100 customers, this increases to 30%.

Yes, customers get their own account. For more details, please contact our support department.

Yes, starting from 100 customers we offer a personal login screen as part of our white label solution.

As a reseller with TAGGRS, you have the flexibility to choose how your customers pay. They can pay directly through an invitation link in the container dashboard, with the kickback fee applying from the third paying customer. We also offer the ability to Administer your own billing, where you receive one collective invoice for all containers each month. This gives you complete control and a clear overview of your financial status.

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