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Data tracking

Tracking data and conversions is becoming increasingly difficult. It is a New reality that companies and marketers worldwide are grappling with because of:

❌ The disappearance of third-party cookies
❌ The use of ad-blockers
❌ Browsers that prevent tracking (Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.)


In this change, there are winners and losers. The winners are those who adapt and use advanced solutions such as Server Side Tracking. What can you gain by switching to Server Side Tracking?

  • More data at your disposal
  • GDPR proof
  • Faster website
  • More control over your data
  • Greater flexibility


Imagine a world where you can track user interactions without violating their privacy and gain actionable insights to grow your business.

That’s where TAGGRS comes in, with a server-side tracking solution that ensures you don’t miss any essential data.

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What you can do with TAGGRS

The tools you need to successfully run GTM Server Side Tracking.


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TAGGRSStapeGoogle Cloud
Start for free
Free forever package
Monthly cancelable subscription
TAGGRS Software / Tools
Enhanced Tracking Script
Google Service Account integration
User management
Cookie recovery IOS 16.4
Data Enricher
Anonymize PII
Proprietary infrastructure
Profit Tracking
Webhooks generator
Clear dashboard
Server Side Analytics
Number of requests per month
Type of requests
Additional data by Server Side Tracking.
Additional data per event Server Side Tracking
Data affected by tracking prevention
GTM templates with use cases
Configuration blogs
Implementation videos.
Supported Tagging specialists
Instant chat support
External TAGGRS tools.
CDN Compatibility
GTM Copy Paste Google Chrome extension
WooCommerce Data Layer Plugin
Lightspeed Data Layer Plugin
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Reseller / Affiliate program
Option: we take care of your set up
Collective invoice for all your customers
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